17: Ports: Playing well with others

Working on Elm, but we still want to leverage our favorite library or something else from the vast ecosystem that is JavaScript or other languages. Is there a way to communicate across the boundaries from Elm into JavaScript, and back, safely. There sure is, Ports! It is like JavaScript-as-a-Service.

16: Haskell for greater Elm

We Turn our attention back to Haskell to help us get the best possible foundation for really diggin’ into functional programing. For me, only after doing piles of short examples, does it sink in for me, it’s the repetition and console output that is key.

Bonus: Elm Conf Talks 2017

Elm Conf was a little more than a month ago. I didn’t get a chance to go, as I had already spent my conference capital, but Elm Europe is in July, and who knows? I wanted to discuss a few of the talks I found interesting, and share my thoughts.

15: Maybe, Just, and Nothing

Maybe is a container, union type, type constructor. So, um, what does that mean? In Elm, null and undefined are not valid types, so what do we do when we might not have something? Let’s figure it out, and when it’s useful.