14: Webassembly

Taking a look at webassembly. A new compilation that brings more than just JavaScript to the web,allowing memory managed apps like, C/C++ and Rust to be compiled down to assembly and run in the browser environment. This along side your current JavaScript code.

13: To Type or Not to Type

Coming from JavaScript, as a tool I use everyday, one that powers so much of the web and beyond, I wanted to look at a comparison of what we get out of using static types in a language like Elm versus JavaScript. This was spured by a paper To Type or Not to Type: Quantifying Detectable Bugs in JavaScript Software Engineering (ICSE) by Zheng Gao, Christian Bird, Earl T. Barr.

12: Fetch & Decoding JSON Part-2

We are there. Finally. Decoding Json. Things we have learned up til now are will culminate into fetching Json data from a server endpoint, and transforming that into type safe Elm to be able to use in our Elm applications.

11: Fetch & Decoding JSON Part-1

One of the fundemental tasks of any web app, is to get, display, capture, save, manipulate, or otherwise man handle data from an http request. We are gonna dive into what that means for our model, our update function, and our sanity.