6: Elm Architecture with Effects

We will take a look at the some of the deeper features of the Elm Architecture. So instead of producing Html from from update in the Elm runtime, we’re going to produce Commands and Subscriptions. Like Htlm, we are going to describe what we want with some data, and let the Elm runtime do the actual work for us. Isn’t this great?!

5: Elm Architecture

Looking into the Elm architecture in detail, what is, how it evolved, and more importantly how to apply it to our Elm projects.

4: Rendering HTML

We will take a look at rendering our Elm to HTML using several libraries. The basic structure of getting that compiles JS from our Elm code into a div element. We will also go over a lot of the tooling used in getting all of this accomplished.

3: Collections

We look at the basic collections in Elm, lists, records, and tuples and how they compare to JavaScript arrays and objects that we are more familiar with.