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Bonus: Elm Conf Talks 2017

Elm Conf was a little more than a month ago. I didn't get a chance to go, as I had already spent my conference capital, but Elm Europe is in July, and who knows? I wanted to discuss a few of the talks I found interesting, and share my thoughts.

Elm Conf

Elm Conf 2017 Closing Q&A

  • NoRedInk -

    • Hired Evan. 2ish years ago. Plans for Evan to live for years working only on Elm. Sweet! And if Richard isn’t worried, neither am I.
  • Common Reasons, blockers for adoption -

    • Mobile, quicker assets, things needed for certain size of business. There is always a list of needs. Expanding core features. Elm meetup 15 peeps. 2 years later 350 peeps at conference. Why is Elm not bigger? Whose using Elm in production, and now it’s dramatically improved. Comparison to like JS, meh. I like the Ruby comparison. Current industery is favoriable to Elm. What are the direct benefits. Not Specs, benefits! Value of helping other in the community, meetups, help out. Creating local markets.
  • Best way for beginners to help out -

    • Run a user group, or conference. Talk to peeps. Open a dialog to the owner or contribuitor. Beginner centric focus on the Elm community. I like Murphy’s phrase, ‘Thought Share’
  • Accessability -

    • Merged into elm-htlm? maybe not so much, big api change. Back to not rushing Elm into lib
  • WebAPI in Elm -

    • Roadmap Elm, asset management first. Then move onto webapi’s. Expanding with limits. Community contributions was pretty costly. Evan calling it Kernel code. Ports as an escape hatch. I like that Evan calls Elm a platform.
  • What makes Elm nice -

    • Lots to choose from, and doesn’t really fit together. Project boilerplate, ugh. JS had no best practices, need happy developers, keep maintance easy. Emotional effect of Elm is incredible. Murphy, a cohesive story. Missing piece of ‘more’ developed eco-systems. ‘popular’ yes, but not cohesive or safe. Co-worker disagreements are lower, tribalism. Removing, or bike shedding, a lack of frustrations. Arguments that developers don’t make to the decision makers. What are the business advantages? Hiring for Elm. Frame the conversation.
  • Also the carpet at Elm Conf is amazing!

“Teaching Elm to Beginners” by Richard Feldman

  • Using Elm at work, Richard was super surprised.
  • Totally Different skill set than programming

    • totally normal
    • important to understand that this is different
  • Facts and Understanding

    • Why is Html Msg
    • new concept to understand -> point 11
    • what does success look like, “the success of any teaching activity is defined by what the students actually understand.” ~ Jeff Scheur (founder of NoRedInk)
    • From Starting to Understanding
    • SWBAT - Students Will Be Able To…
    • Gradual Learning, built into Elm (Evan’s talk, “let’s be mainstrean”)
    • Find motivation, start with this.

      • Greatly impacts engagement
    • Narrow down the facts

      • What do the students already know, build incremently
    • NOT important

      • Precise (fill in later)
      • Details (mention later, trust students to fill in the gaps)
      • Entertaining
    • Teaching a group
    • Design a lesson from scratch
    • need a plan, looping over pervious points.
    • Build a working Elm application
    • Building incremental
  • Learning Goals
  • Elm Types at a good pace
  • Process

    1. Syntax
    2. Rendering Html
    3. Elm Architecture
    4. Types
    5. Json Decoders
    6. Talking to Servers
    7. Talking to JS



Published 6 Dec 2017

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