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27: State of Elm

I thought it would be great to talk about the current state of Elm, with the yearly survey closing in a few days, talk about what previous year’s results have told us, go over what the questions for this year and how I answered them, and make any predictions for the out come.

Status of Meow Notes

  • current customers will soon, very very soon, be able to once again click on a list item and have the app direct you to your know, and also making a return will be the button to add a new note. Thank you for your patients. lol

State of Elm

  • Let’s start with State of Elm 2017
  • Started to get feedback for creating Elm-conf

    • 2016 - 614
    • 2017 - 1,170
    • 2018 - 3,000 is my guess
  • People are staying in Elm, from 0-1 year, to 1-2 roughly the same

Part 1 you

  • “What is your level of experience with functional programming?”

    • mmmmm, beginner? I feel like there is a giant gap between my knowledge in JS and OOP, and my knowledge in FP.
    • So I gave myself a 3
  • “What is your level of experience with functional programming?”

    • JS, Swift, Objective-C
  • “Where do you go for Elm news and discussion?”

    • Elm subreddit
    • Elm Discourse
    • Twitter Discussions
    • elm-dev Mailing List
    • the Elm Slack
    • Blog Posts
    • Podcasts (Elm Town, JavaScript to Elm)
    • dev.to
    • Facebook Groups

      • HOLY COW we made the list!!!!!!
  • “What resources did you use to learn Elm?”

    • Elm in Action
    • Beginning Elm (book)
    • DailyDrip
    • Pragmatic Studio Course
    • Programming Elm (book)
    • Elm Slack
    • JSON Survival Kit (book)
  • “Is there an Elm User group near you?”

Part 2 Where do you use Elm?

  • “In which application domains, if any, have you used Elm”

    • education, gaming, e-commerce, or music
  • “How long have you been using Elm”

    • 3 months to a year.
  • “How far along is your most mature Elm project at work”

    • none, planning, development, staging, production
  • “How is that work project licensed”

    • not, closed, GPL, BSD
  • “If you aren’t using Elm at work, but want to, what’s the main challenge preventing your organization from adopting it?”

    • already using React
  • “How far along is your most mature Elm side Project”

  • What is the biggest thing that prevents you from using Elm in your side project?

    • Speed
  • “What versions of Elm are you using?

    • 0.18, when was it released?
    • on Nov 10, 2016

Part 3 How do you use Elm

  • “Do you format your code with elm-format?”

    • Yes, yes I do
  • “What tools or libraries do you use to style your Elm applications?”

    • plain town, but I want to elm-css
  • “What tools do you use to build your Elm applications?”

    • Where’s create Elm app ?
  • “What editor(s) do you use to build your Elm applications?”

    • VSCode with VIM
  • “If you’ve used JS interop, what have you used it for”

    • aws SDK
  • “What tools do you use to test your Elm Projects”

    • in production!!!!!
  • “What initially attracted you to Elm, or motivated you to try it?”

    • Functional, type safe, compiled, safety,
  • “What has been your biggest pain point in your use of Elm”

    • not having C like syntax, and the functional concepts, nothing specific to Elm itself
  • “What do you like themes about your use of Elm”

    • The compiled guarantees, they’ve helped to guide me along the way, and help me to better understand.




Published 1 Mar 2018

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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