46: Web Components...Implementation - JSToElm
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46: Web Components...Implementation

We want to dive in and actual tackle a web component. And what better way than with meownotes. We are going to try and upgrade the text input from textArea to super duper markdown editor using JS Lib custom web component.

House Keeping

  • merge to master, keep better branches
  • even for projects of 1

Actually Using A Web Component

  • The goal is to incorporate a markdown text editor into meow notes

  • Oh look one that uses codemirror

  • Create custom element

  • Get Elm to see and use custom ‘text’ element

  • Upgrade ‘text’ element with Markdown-ness

  • Be Awesome

  • ERRORS “Please use the ‘new’ operator, this DOM object constructor cannot be called as a function. ”

  • MORE Errors

    • Binding namespace already exists ?




Published 16 Aug 2018

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