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64: Themes

We layout our themes for the upcoming year, not to be confused with resolutions or goals, these are a bit different than you might be used to.

What is a Theme and why it’s important

  • First themes are not New’s Years Goals, more of an over arching Idea
  • I’ve seen some good and interesting conversations around social media posting themes and sharing them
  • Cortex Podcast
  • I’d laid out somewhat of a plan for 2019, but rather than in my head, always better to get it out on paper and in my case podcast it to everyone.
  • I’ve got 2, so and we’ll cover them one by one

Creating Content

  • The basic idea is I would like to produce, create, out pour more content that I consume this year.

  • That means mindless twitter.

    • Set a 30 minute limit on iOS for twitter a while ago
  • Clean and prune my RSS feeds and Podcast feeds, which at this point are getting really, really out of control. I don’t think I ever actually finish them..

  • This might be a variety of outlets.

    • This podcast for one
    • newsletter
    • daily / weekly blogging
    • live streaming on twitch while I work
    • AMA
    • Tutorial Videos on things I don’t know, or things I want to know
    • Conference talks
    • Exception, I’ve made a hard goal here of 20 rejections from conference speaking
    • Call for Papers 2019
    • Why 20 rejects and not acceptance talks? That’s a good question. Stress, and just doing the thing
    • This could be subtitled, just doing the thing
    • And this circles around the this show. I really enjoy working on this show, learning for this show, and sharing the successes and failures with everyone. And frankly more of that sounds pretty good.

    Simple Automation

    • This might be a sub-theme of creating content, I want to streamline as much of the creation process as I can.
    • This one particularly is a double-edged sword for me. I have, like maybe many of you, set up elaborate blogs at one time or another. I will tell you now, I avoided finishing the show notes for this so I could figure out how to trigger a wordpress action on ‘publish_post’ to hit Netlify webhook and run a new build of the site
    • Wordpress - simple standard
    • Gatsby - Static Fast
    • I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, Things like this should be a set it and forget it type deal.
    • And that brings us back around to themes, not goals.
    • The idea, whenever I start in on something overly complex or silly. I’m not looking for a Rube Goldberg machine, the exact opposite. I can think, “does fit in my theme of create content with simple automation?” and if the answer is not a resounding YES then I can skip it.

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