78: Route Components

Further down the rabbit hole we go with routes from pages to components. We avoid actually getting to the topic at hand pretty well, but eventually tackle it, get lost several times along the way. Come along and get totally turned around with us!


77: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

We revisit an old friend from episode 51 "Elm Routing Maybe" about routing in Elm. Let's see if we've learned anything in the last 20 something episodes?


76: Special Guest Blake Thomas

We get a chance to talk with Blake Thomas co-organizer of Elm in the Spring, coming up in just a couple weeks in Chicago. We cover bringing Elm into an organization, coding confidently, sustainability, and a variety of random topics.


75: Special Guest Jason Lengstorf

We sit down with Gatsby Developer 🥑 Jason Lengstorf. He fills us in on all the amazing things we might have missed, or just flat out overlooked because Gatsby is just cranking out so many incredible things, it's hard to keep up.


74: Conferences

We run through our actual talk with slides you can't see bc #podcast, but you get the idea. Getting out all the nerves before our first conference talk, now just days way!

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