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23: Bouncing Back

Recovering from our project last week was, to put it kindly, rough. It was a real blow to my self confidence. To be fair, my ambition was on the scale of ridiculous, but I didn't think that I would be utterly and completely shellacked. The feeling I had was complete failure and disappointment. So now what?

Special Thanks to all the listeners

  • I want to thank everyone who reached out
  • Special shout out to Peter Jang

    Where to go from here ?

So, after getting the show out, I did not even look in the general direction of JS to Elm for the rest of the week, which is pretty unusual. For the most part, I chip away at it over the course of the week, read, shore up the notes, record, let that simmer for a day or so, edit it, and often have a spare day before it’s release. Not this week. Nope. For a couple reasons:

  1. I did not want to admit that the start to my super duper awesome project, had suffered a major set back before ever getting off the ground.
  2. I would have to face the glaring fact, that I have not retained, learned, absorbed, or internalized nearly as much as I thought about Elm, Types, and functional programming in general.
  3. With points 1 and 2, where do I go from here?

Rediscovered Empathy for beginners

Retooling my own learning

Onward and upward as the saying goes.

Regaining confidence

  • Let’s pick a project that we are familiar with, NO NOT todo MVC


  • Mash together bits of Meowdium and Notes app

    • AWS backend Lamda Functions
    • Serverless deploy
    • DynamoDB
    • Coginto for Auth
    • S3 for image attachments
    • 100% PWA
  • Then, once it’s done, the real fun begins…

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Published 1 Feb 2018

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