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38: Elm Upload File

Hope last weeks talk was enjoyable. Back to our refactor of meownotes. Tackling some of the more _interesting_ parts of the new notes page. Things that I've been avoiding, like file upload, mostly because I knew I'd need to modify my model, Interop some things, **AND** deal with type Maybe.

38: Elm File Upload

Elm File Upload

  • Setup Interops with fileSelected outgoing

    • Adding an Outgoing Data type for ‘File Selected’ and matching case statement for sendData that takes type OutgoingData and returns a Cmd msg
  • Preventing default

    • It’s seems so easy bc I already know it
    • Reminding myself about the relearning, deeper learning cycle
    • onWithOptions, oh boy
    • Json.Decoder.success - Ignore the JSON and produce a certain Elm value.
    • wowzer that’s a lot
  • Setup Interops with fileRead incoming

    • function to read in file using FileReader API

    • take value and send it back as JSON

    • decode incoming data and pipe to update function, with pattern match on incoming data case

    • You need to account for the following values:

      JSInterop.FileReadImage _

    Add a branch to cover this pattern!

    • Totally always get when I forget to add the pattern match.


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Published 31 May 2018

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