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42: Little Details

We've done some great refactor work, but forgot one of the rules to our project. Keep it working, keep it in production. And our elm branch for new Notes is neither in production, or even fully functionaly in our dev environment. We always fine some small gotcha's when we have to double back, let's get to them!

Little Details

POST over Ports

  • Encode object, it’s really a List (String, Value)
  • Docs
  • Struggle with maybes continues

    • I know what I need to do. unwrap it.
    • I keep trying to jump to step 3, which I’m clearly not there yet.

That’s weird

  • why isn’t the refactor loading the right page? always loading the welcome page, that’s weird
  • maybe it’s because new notes needs to know auth situation, and our Elm app is still being torn down and init on every route. D ‘OH


  • at this point I’ve forgotten how to get this into prod

  • good thing there is an npm script

  • if you recall, that’s where i was headed in my docker build

    • Should be able to NOT have pushed code in like 4 weeks, and still be able to do it without spending 1/2 day on it.




Published 5 Jul 2018

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