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43: Finally In Production

Do it already?!?!? What's the hold up? Where are we with new notes page in Elm ? I needed to make a list. So here it is, let's go through it.

Elm Conf

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What’s the hold up

Shut up, where’s my diagram? You promised me a diagram twice, and have failed to deliver both time. And that’s not what we want to do on this show. Truth be told, I was pretty sure it was inaccurate at best, or worst just flat out wrong. So I made a new version and it is posted BEFORE I recorded the show.

  1. Json Encode Maybe

  2. POST over Ports. The trifecta of learning Elm.

    1. PORTS. Even if you aren’t super leveraging PORTS, you’ll need to get along with PORTS
    2. Json Decoders
    3. Maybe Types
  3. Fix image preview size

  4. At this point I’m frustrated that I can’t “peer” into the Elm code, the way I can in JS. This is a very difficult habit to break.

  5. HAHAH, Ports kicking our but

  6. Decoding Json, I like it. There I said it.

  7. Encoding is a bit of a trip, but I think…I get it.

    • Encoding nested records into JS Object Values!!!!!!! noteEncoder : CreateNote -> Encode.Value noteEncoder newNote = let _ = Debug.log “newNote” newNote in case newNote.image of Nothing -> Encode.object [ ( “noteContent”, Encode.string newNote.content ) ]

        Just image ->
                [ ( "noteContent", Encode.string newNote.content )
                , ( "image", imageEncoder image )

    imageEncoder : Image -> Encode.Value imageEncoder image = Encode.object [ ( “content”, Encode.string image.content ) , ( “name”, Encode.string image.name ) , ( “type”, Encode.string image.fileType ) , ( “size”, Encode.int image.size ) ]


  • Elm Conf


  • base 64 to S3
  • Maybe Type
  • Safety to your Elm Json Encoders
  • Impossible state impossible


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Published 26 Jul 2018

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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