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45: Exploring ReasonML

There was a presentation locally on ReasonML, so I went and learned. We'll compare it to our experiance in React our current favor Elm, and what we can take away from this new player in the frontend space.

  • buckle script 3.2

    • OCaml to JS compiler
    • Babel for oCaml
    • Reason is a transformer
  • FFI

    • Two way transpire ?!?
  • PPX’s

    • First class support for JSX ?
    • Syntax extensions, mmmmm
    • Lacking interpolation in Elm
    • Optional explicit type. Can’t say I’m a fan. The sort of explicit mental exercise of typing it out is helpful for me.
  • Interop

    • @bs.val or @bs.val
    • Binding to existing JS API by name
    • React Reason ?
    • Labeled Arguments with ‘~’
  • React - Lite
  • Shipped in 4.0
  • Embedded web socket
  • Maybe Serbia hard for me bc of obj but man, that’s rough to look at. Lol



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  • Jesse Tomchak

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Published 9 Aug 2018

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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