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48: Red Square

The red square. If you recall from episode 46, we were trying to get a web component (a div in the shape of a square, with a red background) to render in our application. Well, we figured that out and a whole lot more.

Web Components..still

  • We’re gonna get it this time…promise

  • Remember the Goals

      1. Create custom element
    • Get Elm to see and use custom ‘text’ element
    • Upgrade ‘text’ element with Markdown-ness
    • Be Awesome
    • Also Luke made it look super easy in his talk.
  • The failure

  • According to the web component specification, browsers ignore any tags in the shadow DOM, treating them

    • The shadow dom is a lie.


  • Babel 7
  • Through the (open source) looking glass


  • SimpleMDE
  • Luke’s code-editor
  • Red Square
  • Shadowdom
  • Codemirror


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  • Jesse Tomchak

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Published 30 Aug 2018

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