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49: Avoiding Work

We are currently avoiding meownotes for no real good reason, other than we're not really sure where to start. So, since we are super successful at that, we expolore all the other things we've done, besides what we should be doing!!

All the things

  1. Learning Haskell

    1. Better Type and Functional understanding
    2. Better understanding of Elm and the Elm compiler
  2. Learning Rust
  3. Micro Blog
  4. Micro Casting
  5. Job Prospects
  6. Another Podcast

Everything but…

  • things we’ve done to actively avoid routing

    • Exlir and Phoenix Web Framework
    • AST with Kent C Dodds on Frontend Masters
    • Babel 7 with babel macros
    • Haskell webframe works scotty
    • Typescript 3
    • Dockerize haskell project
    • cool, now run it in the cloud
    • like Google Cloud
    • Kent’s Newsletter




Published 6 Sep 2018

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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