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37: Elm View Showdown

A special live recording of my talk at Elm Eug on Elm View, the showdown. A continuation of the first and second blog 'Blazing Fast HTML' Parts 1 and 2, comparing Elm render time and optimizations against other frameworks out there.

37: Elm View

Elm View

  • Elm vs React vs Angular vs Ember
  • Update build to Elm 0.18
  • Update builds to React 0.16
  • Set the scene for priories

    • 2014 Popular Frameworks
    • 2016 Popular Frameworks
    • 2018 Popular Frameworks
    • Be sure to sneak in Pop culture into these dates
  • Elm, React, and Angular 2 all use a virtual DOM strategy under the hood

    • Skip Work
    • Align Work




Published 24 May 2018

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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