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67: Call For Papers - Check In

We are trucking right along on our Haskell mini-series, doing every exercise on every page. When we aren't knocking that out, we are trying to get 20 conference rejections for the year of 2019. So let's check in and see how it's coming along.

Making progress for conference rejections

  • I didn’t want this to be a, look over here I’m struggling with Haskell episode, or that I chose to take a break, because I haven’t. Rather it chose me. I mentioned that as I do more of the exercises, I mean actually do the exercises that my velocity has slowly. well it’s really slow.
  • Elm in the Spring
  • CPS’s

    • Elm + Markdown = ♥


Call for Papers List

Get Programming With Haskell

Pillars of Functional Programming

Haskell at Work with Oskar Wickstorm

State of WebGHC

Ryan Burgess Conf List


Published 24 Jan 2019

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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