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71: Macros ... ?

Just realized that looking at language extensions sent me down a rabbithole on Macros, and I might have gotten myself totally turned around. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • bit of history

    Macros can be used to make tasks less repetitive by representing a complicated sequence of keystrokes, mouse movements, commands, or other types of input. In computer programming, macros are a tool that allows a developer to re-use code.

  • best explianation i have found so far

    Fundamentally, macros are a way of writing code that writes other code, which is known as metaprogramming. rust docs

  • macro is going to happen at compile time. where a function is going to happen at run time.

  • code that writes code. 🤔 This is less readable, understandable, and maintainable then general functions.

Two types of macros

  1. Declaritive w/ general metaprogramming

    • Matching on patterns and replacing code
  2. Prodecural more like functions

    • given input -> producing output (pure)
  3. Problem babel macros sets to solve solution

    • They can lead to confusion because when looking at code in a project, you might not know that there’s a plugin transforming that code.
    • They have to be globally configured or configured out-of-band (in a .babelrc or webpack config).
    • They can conflict in very confusing ways due to the fact that all babel plugins run simultaneously (on a single walk of Babel’s AST).
  4. Solution

    • transformations with:
    • zero config
    • importability

Explicit is often a better pattern than implicit because it requires others to understand how things are globally configured. This is in this spirit are babel-plugin-macros designed. However, some things do need to be implicit, and those kinds of babel plugins can’t be turned into macros.

  • the idea of syntax macro it’s well suited for babel-plugin-macros

What would it take to enable JS Macros to open stage proposals to actual implementations?

TC-39 Proposals





Published 28 Feb 2019

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