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72: Learn Productively

So are we learning or are we wanting to build something? Can it be both? Do we even have the right expectations and goals set? Let's talk it out.

Learning or Building ?

  • So which is it, learning or building?

    • They say the best way to learn something is to dive in and build something. Struggle with it.
    • Am I stuck in the tutorial loop? oh noes. 😱
  • Yep I bought a book.

    • Practical web dev
    • by Putrady, Ecky
    • wanted to get a bit hands on in my area
    • compare things I do day to day. Web api’s and the clients usually web that consumes them.
    • really the fundamental request -> response cycle
  • What I haven’t done is buy the Rust book, but I have put it in my shopping cart several times.

  • So what do I want out of a language? Thought it might be a good exercise to write down what I actually want to get out of this exploratory phase I’m in.

    • … be productive?
    • … feel confident that the code is gonna work?
    • … not fight with the tooling. This is different than struggling with the compiler.
    • … be able to deploy code CI/CD without weeks in dev ops and have to constantly be ‘diving into the pipeline’ to figure out what in the world is going on?
    • That’s the appeal of lambda functions
  • So with the book, you build a basic web app, it even touches rabbitMQ, which I’ve never played with. Auth, email sending, and pg for data persistence.

  • My goal is to apply some of the theory that we’ve picked up so far,

  • transform the examples in the book from mono-repo to lambda functions,

  • and if it sticks build it out into an indie web api ?

  • Don’t call it a pivot.

  • Elm repo mirror.


Practical Web Dev With Haskell

Opinionated Guide to Haskell 2018 by Alexis King




Published 14 Mar 2019

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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