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75: Special Guest Jason Lengstorf

We sit down with Gatsby Developer 🥑 Jason Lengstorf. @jlengstorf He fills us in on all the amazing things we might have missed, or just flat out overlooked because Gatsby is just cranking out so many incredible things, it's hard to keep up.

Elm in the Spring

Elm in the Spring is a single-track, single-day conference for developers who love Elm. Whether you’re an Elm expert scaling up your production app or you’re just starting out with your first Elm project, join us for a great day of learning, teaching, and community!

Elm in the Spring 2019 will take place on Friday, April 26th at the Newberry Library in Chicago.

All Things Gatsby

Jason Lengstorf @jlengstorf

Developer. Occasional designer. Process and culture architect. Mediocre bartender. Blogs at lengstorf.com

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Shannon Soper @shannonb_ux

Amberley Romo @amberleyjohanna Amberley Romo @amber1ey

Marcy Sutton @marcysutton

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What the heck is Glitch? with Potch — Learn With Jason

What is Glitch, and what does it mean for community, development, and learning? In this podcast, Potch (https://twitter.com/potch) teaches Jason how Glitch works and how you can use it for Gatsby projects and a whole lot more!

JS Heros 2019 April 11-12th, 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Elm in the Spring


Published 4 Apr 2019

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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