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76: Special Guest Blake Thomas

We get a chance to talk with Blake Thomas co-organizer of Elm in the Spring, coming up in just a couple weeks in Chicago. We cover bringing Elm into an organization, coding confidently, sustainability, and a variety of random topics.

Special Guest Blake Thomas

Co-organizer of Elm in the Spring



  • Work at NoRedInk? Trying to outdo each other for conferences?
  • Elm as an interest
  • Stop using react and start using Elm!
  • Skeptical about it
  • Type safety, functional, less errors!
  • Reasonably new. Pre 0.16
  • Prototype in Elm, measure differences.
  • Metric for success, developer happiness.
  • Arch of developer happiness
  • Confident devs
  • Beat the deadlines only 4 months long, by 2 weeks
  • Magnitude less errors
  • Business Happiness
  • Once they had the logic down
  • Corey Hanes Ruby advocate turned Elm
  • Programming confidently
  • Sunken cost bias
  • Counter argument - it’s not an all or nothing. - — Ports/Routes/Elmify
  • Cost of maintenance - easiest software to maintain is zero lines
  • JS boilerplate code, and wiring overhead
  • Elm careful curation of features
  • Crystal Programming Language Ary
  • Elm Conference in the middle in the year


Elm in the Spring NoRedInk.com/jobs

Published 12 Apr 2019

A show about learning Elm, Functional Programing, and generally leveling up as a JS developer.
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