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Elixir Ecto Models #89

This project is really picking up some steam. We need to shore up just a few things on our pipeline to make deployment easier. Migrations. Then we can start to really get into the domain of how we make this app to behave.

Deploy Missing Piece

  • Need for distillery to run migrations on deploy

    • We need to create release tasks that will go in the root of lib.
    • That will have a migration and / or seed function in it.
    • Then in the rel/config.exs we a list of tuples that have the task command, what we want to refer to it as, and the the shell script that we want it to run.
    • Remember mix isn’t installed on the prod machine!
    • the shell script just calls bin/postit command Elixir.Postit.ReleaseTasks migrate
    • Then we, to run migration on app launch for new builds, back in rel/config.ex we add set post_start_hooks: "rel/hooks/post_start" to env prod. in this directory we have a single shell script that will use nodetool to ping when the, not app, but BEAM? is up and running, and then run the migration.
    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    set +e
    while true; do
    nodetool ping
    if [[ ${EXIT_CODE} -eq 0 ]]; then
      echo "Application is up!"
    set -e
    echo "Running migrations"
    bin/postit command Elixir.Release.Tasks migrate
    echo "Migrations run successfully"
  • It’s great that I had the command correct in the this write up.

    • bc i didn’t in the post_start script or the set commands script
    • currently it’s in both to see which if both run?

    Custom commands give you a lot of power to express potentially complex operations as a terse statement. I would encourage you to use them for these types of tasks rather than using the raw rpc and eval tasks!

  • App Engine to remove old instances

    • save that for another day, i’m all dev ops out.
  • Force SSL

    • we figured out that we’d forgotten the force_ssl : [] part all together. 🤦‍♂️
  • We are pretty bad at CSS. In a perpetual cycle kind of way. So we need to be better. This is definitely an area where we need to improve on.

Missing Model Features

  • Posts will need to be a many-to-one to users or ‘authors’
  • mix ecto.gen.migration update_posts_with_user_relationship

    • why? so we can list posts by author. 🤦‍♂️
    • post’s are not editable. once published, it’s done
    • auto saving versions for undo?
    • would that be a Postgres implementation? Where would that line be?

build_assoc(struct, assoc, attributes \ %{}) Builds a struct from the given assoc in model.

If the relationship is a hasone or hasmany and the key is set in the given model, the key will automatically be set in the built association / Ecto Documentation

  def change do
  alter table("posts") do
    add: user_id, :uuid
  • We’re adding a column to our posts table user_id with data type uuid, as it should be a unique identifier? But I don’t really know, bc it’s coming from auth0. Still happy I didn’t role my own.
  • Option B is we could reallocate the user table from auth0 i believe to be in our own database and then create a user scheme to get the info we need from it. That might be an option for another day?
  • Search: elixir pattern match 2 string keys
def create(conn, %{"post" => post_params}) do
    case Posting.create_post(post_params) do
      {:ok, post} ->
  • if I understand it I need to leverage pattern matching to get the userid out of conn and into a map to pass to createpost which takes a single argument.
  • protocol String.Chars not implemented for oh noes
  • We want a profile page for users

    • can add 3rd party API Tokens
    • update display name
    • how does that work with auth0 as a user table
    • should we move the storage table of users from auth0 to gcloud?



Published 2 Aug 2019

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